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We deeply appreciate the dedication and creativity of cosplayers, but ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all attendees is our top priority.

Please be aware that everyone must undergo a safety screening, and only props approved by our team will be tagged for use on the convention floor.

Allowed Props

  • Lightsabers, wands, and sonic screwdrivers
  • Unstrung bows
  • Arrows securely attached to quivers or featuring foam/no tips
  • Shields made from any material without sharp edges (metal shields may require additional screening)
  • Lightweight plastic bats
  • Staffs and brooms
  • Whips must be securely fastened to your person
  • Swords made from light foam, plastic, or cardboard
  • Other items crafted from lightweight materials such as cardboard, foam, or rubber
  • Sci-fi and fantasy guns (e.g., Portal Guns, Han Solo blaster, phasers) that do not resemble real-world firearms, are inoperable, and cannot launch projectiles

Prohibited Items

  • Realistic or replica firearms
  • Tasers
  • Glass or stone props
  • Projectile weapons or anything capable of launching objects (e.g., slingshots)
  • Brass knuckles
  • Real, replica, or simulated explosives, ammunition, or chemical weapons, including but not limited to: Simulated bomb vests, cartoon bombs, bullets, hand grenades, claymore mines, firecrackers, pepper spray, mace, powder caps
  • Metal or wooden swords and sharp-edged weapons
  • Excessively noisy props like airhorns, bullhorns, or whistles

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

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San Jose McEnery Convention Center
150 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95113

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