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FANDOMCON is committed to fostering a welcoming and harassment-free environment. Our code of conduct is designed not because we anticipate misbehavior, but to uphold a culture of respect and inclusivity within our community.

By participating in our events, you agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Expected Behavior:

  • Demonstrate consideration in speech and actions, and actively acknowledge and respect the boundaries of fellow attendees.
  • Maintain a willingness to peacefully coexist with diverse viewpoints, understanding that disagreement does not justify poor behavior.
  • If you experience harassment or inappropriate treatment, promptly notify any member of the event team in person, via text/phone during events, or through our mobile app or email at any time.
  • Look out for one another. Alert event staff if you observe any dangerous situations, distressed individuals, or violations of this code of conduct, regardless of their apparent significance.

Unacceptable Behavior:

  • Unacceptable behaviors include intimidation, harassment, abuse, discrimination, derogatory remarks or actions by any event attendee.
  • Harassment encompasses derogatory comments, personal attacks, unwelcome following, stalking, unwelcome photography or recording, unwelcome physical contact, unwelcome sexual comments or attention, intentional disruption of events, unlawful conduct, and failure to adhere to venue rules.

Consequences of Unacceptable Behavior:

Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. Event organizers may take appropriate action, including expulsion from the event without warning or refund. Venue security may be contacted if necessary.

Social Media: 

While attendees are encouraged to share on social media during the event, it’s important to remember that online interactions carry the same weight as verbal ones. Harassment online, including malicious targeting, is prohibited and may result in expulsion from the event.

Event Sponsorship:

All sponsors, vendors, and attendees are bound by this Code of Conduct during the event. While differing viewpoints exist, peaceful coexistence is expected. Any concerns should be communicated to FANDOMCON leadership.

Safety Contact:

To report any issues, email us at During events, you can approach uniformed staff members or use the provided contact information.

Liability & Endorsement:

Views expressed by speakers or vendors do not necessarily reflect those of FANDOMCON. FANDOMCON does not endorse any specific views, products, or services presented. Attendees are responsible for evaluating vendors and their offerings.

External Website Links:

Links provided are for educational purposes and do not signify endorsement. FANDOMCON does not control external websites and encourages feedback regarding links.


FANDOMCON reserves the right to take action against those who violate our code of conduct. We are not liable for public spaces adjacent to the event venue, which are open to the public.

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